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The Dev Group of Education is one of the best group in the field of Education .

Dev College of Nursing

Dev College of Nursing is one of the best institutes in the field of Nursing Education Offering General Nursing & Midwifery (3 Year 6 Months) programme.
The mission of Dev College of Nursing is purported by the will to strive for improving the health care system and to give access of nursing care to the sick and needy. To achieve this mission, the members of the faculty serve as role models, enthusing students during their professional development.

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  Address : ChandraShekhar Azad Nagar, Pani ki tanki ke aage, Puliya par, 10-D-15, Patel Nagar, Bhilwara-311001(Rajasthan), India
 Contact Person :  Mr. B. L. Gurjar
  Mobile No.:  9413974933, 9414974933,
  Email Id:   info@deveducationbhilwara.com

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