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Rajasthan diesels and earthmovers
based in bhilwara, is an importer and supplier of heavy equipment replacement spares in Rajasthan, India. We provide one stop low cost solutions for komatsu heavy equipment spares since 2007.

Our specialties are :
  • sensors : exhaust temp, blowby, revolution, pressure, temperature, intake air temp,fuel level,suspension,angle, coolant level, steering, brake sensors, etc for various heavy equipments.

  • Electrical components : relays, switches, fuses, diodes, thermostats, circuit breaker, harness, etc.

  • Controllers : hydraulic, transmission, etc.

  • Speciality hoses : clamps, elbows, connectors, tubes, mountings, rubber parts, etc.

  • Genuine/imported filters: for all heavy equipment.

  • Genuine/imported seal kits: gasket kits, overhaul kits .

  • Genuine/imported seal kits: gasket kits, overhaul kits .

  • Genuine/imported cooling fans and fan belts, v belts

  • Hydraulics, valves, repair kits, pumps, etc

  • Undercarriage, ground engaging tools, high quality imported or genuine pins and bushes.
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  Address : 3-4, Near Bioscope, Ajmer Road,Subhash Nagar, Bhilwara(Raj)-311001
 Contact Person :  Yaseen Khan
  Mobile No.:  9785135270,
  Email Id:   info@rajasthandiesels.com

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